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Xend Offline

Xend is packed with all the features you need to enjoy the super powers of swift and seamless payments that Xend offers even when ther is no internet connection.

Pay Codes

Paycodes are short codes for making transactions offline. Here is a list of paycodes you can use with Xend. It's easier to recharge your phone and data now.


    To recharge airtime offline with Xend, send the following to 08142428445:
    Airtime Paycode Amount Phone_number
    E.g Airtime MTA1 100 07031234567
    This will top up MTN #100 on 07031234567


    To buy a data plan offline with Xend, send the following to 08142428445:
    Data Paycode Phone_number
    E.g Data ETD1 09031234567
    This will subscribe 10MB data on 09031234567


  1. "MTA1" // MTN airtime recharge
  2. "ATA1" //Airtel airtime recharge
  3. "GLA1" //Glo airtime recharge
  4. "ETA1" // 9Mobile airtime recharge

Data MTN.

  1. "MTD1" //Data Plan 25MB valid for N50 1day
  2. "MTD2" //Data Plan 350MB valid for N300 7days
  3. "MTD3" //Data Plan 1.5GB valid for N1000 30days
  4. "MTD4" //Data Plan 3.5GB valid for N2000 30days

Data Airtel

  1. "ATD1" //Daily Plan - N50(20MB valid for 1 day)
  2. "ATD2" //Daily Plan - N300(350MB valid for 7 days)
  3. "ATD3" //Monthly Plan - N1,000(1.5GB valid for 30days)
  4. "ATD4": //Monthly Plan - N2,000(3.5GB valid for 30days)

Data Glo

  1. "GLD1" //N100 - 100MB valid for 1 day
  2. "GLD2" //N200 - 262MB valid for 5 days
  3. "GLD3" //N1000 - 2GB valid for 30 days
  4. "GLD4": //N2000 - 4.5GB valid for 30 days

Data Etisalat

  1. "ETD1" //10MB valid for a day @N50
  2. "ETD2" //150MB valid for 7 days @N200
  3. "ETD3" //500MB valid for 30 days @N500
  4. "ETD4" //2.5GB valid for 33 days, N2,000